Sometimes the day to day operations of a non-profit overwhelm leadership and staff.   Fundraising, the day to day responsibility of providing services, managing staff and the budget… there are myriad activities and small fires that consume an Executive Director and the Board.   These urgent tasks give you little time to pause and reflect.  Yet, the long term positive evolution of a non-profit may depend on dedicating energy and time to create a strategic plan.  

This plan serves as a road map with milestones and accountabilities outlined.  It will identify challenges and opportunities and provides a framework for all future activity.   And it can be a catalyst for staff and board – re-energizing and creating new excitement for the organization.

What is included in a strategic Marketing Plan?  The key elements are:

  1. Market research including focus groups, key informant interviews, and simple surveys.  This entails an analysis of the key stakeholders – what are their needs and concerns.  This may include donors, volunteers, clients/patients, providers, funders, and staff.  It’s important you understand your constituents

  2. Identification of key external trends that may impact the organization

  3. Group facilitation of  a strategic planning session, to ensure buy-off and ownership of staff and board with the plan

    • Creation of a tailored strategic marketing plan and a specific action plan to ensure initiatives are  actualized

    • Identification and profile of target markets and development of a tangible promotion plan—for both friend-raising and fundraising

    • Rebranding, if needed, and review of all collateral, web page and other marketing vehicles with suggestions for enhancements

Harmer Collaborative, brings over 20 years of strategic marketing experience and expertise. We would like to help you create a marketing plan that builds on your success --- but proactively propels you into the future.  And we can offer you this service within your budget and significantly lower than what you can get on the open market.  Why?  Because we are committed to the mission of non-profits and we believe the work you do helps build healthy communities for all.  It is a vision we share with you

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