“What you say no to – defines you more than what you say yes to.”
-Adam Garone

Often at the beginning of the year, we proclaim our resolutions to do more of something, whether it be an activity to promote a healthy lifestyle or to foster growth in our careers and professions. Yet, sometimes the wisest thing to do is to stop doing something -- behaviors, attitudes, activities that aren’t productive for personal or professional growth.

In strategic planning we often do an exercise with leadership teams by asking, “What do you want to start doing in the coming year?” and an even harder question “What do you want to stop doing?”   Organizations often take such pride and ownership in what they do today. People become vested in the status quo, even when that direction or strategy may not be the best for the future. Thoughtful consideration of what to let go of and what to say “no” to is hard but may be the best way to focus, prioritize and achieve growth for the organization.

And while we are talking about letting go…let’s stop being negative. Never helpful.