Talk about a humbling experience. Try hiking Zion Canyon.

Our ego tempts us every day as it tries to validate our importance.  We believe we know stuff, that we are right, that people should listen to us.   After all, we know what is best if folks would only follow our advice.  

Many of my friends can testify to this.  They patiently listen to my ever present counsel – smile and then of course goes back to what they were doing before I interrupted !

But a walk in the canyons of Utah, puts us in our place.  Sometimes we just need a little attitude adjustment that results from a humility lesson.

Against the majestic peaks and boulders of Zion, my ego was checked.  I reflected and did some soul searching , among rocks and canyons thousands of years old that have endured over the millenniums…  

I was really just a brief moment in time.

And I wondered why I worry so much about the little things. 

Are the little bumps and annoyances in my life really that important?   Why do I stress over people and their behaviors that bother me, just because they differ from mine?

What if I let go… and chose to not sweat the small stuff?

What if I let go… believing my way was the right way?

The canyons of Zion smiled at me that glorious day as I hiked to among the cliffs. and I thanked them for that gift of perspective.

It’s time to give others the benefit of the doubt.  In the bigger scheme of things, my opinion may not be that important at all.