Over the years I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes.

They became valuable lessons, that have made me a better leader.

And the scars remind me that it is the journey that ultimately makes us stronger and better managers and people.

Here are few insights I’ve gained on this path.

Learned To Say ‘Yes’ To:

·         Staff ideas that may be different from yours

·         Mental health days for employees

·         Flex time

·          Different work styles and values

·         Team performance reviews

·         Creativity and Innovation as key metrics

·         Allowing daily time for health/fitness activities

·         Simple, clean language

·         Honesty and transparency

·         Humility and “sservant leadership”

·         Short, stand-up meetings

 Learned To Say ‘No’ To:

·         A “cookie cutter” approach to all employees

·         Analytics trumping creativity

·         Email as the dominant form of communication

·         Discounting conflict

·         Not admitting mistakes

·         Not giving people the benefit of the doubt

·         Assuming you always know best

·         A culture of working long hours, as productivity and creativity fall

·         Speaking without listening

·         “Spin”

·         "Us vs them" mentality vs win/win

The lists of ‘Yes” and “No” can go on and on… as I learn each day and often from others. 

And I have learned to be humble, as there are teachers all around us!

What are on your Yes and No lists – the lessons you have learned to become a Conscientious Leader?