"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."

- John Muir

I suffer from occasional brain fog.

You know, where your best content ideas seem so long ago and far away.

Where you can't think of a concept to save your worthy soul.

Where you seek out mindless, distracting activities (read: tons of time scrolling my FB feed) so you don't have to deal with the unending pain of getting your grey matter to fire on any cylinder.

And my bet is that I'm not alone here.

So I want to share a recent cure I found thanks to a birthday gift from my girlfriend.

Last month, she took me to a 14-acre parcel of countryside beauty not far from where I live. And the only sounds I heard for 24 hours came from a babbling brook, a few moos sent out by dairy cows off in the distance, and dozens of sweet-singing birds without a crow among them.

Even better, there was no cell phone service.

Now I'm not part of the survivalist movement but this living off the grid thing was quite fulfilling.

First of all, I got reconnected to nature. That primal yearning that calls to us urban dwellers from time-to-time whether we admit it or not.

But that wasn't the only by-product of my nature boy weekend.

I was able to "still" my mind.

I was able to think clearly.

And I was able to think creatively (sparking several new ideas for upcoming blog posts including this one).

Now such a trip may not be feasible for you the next time you're coming up empty for ideas. But you're more than likely near a park of some kind. (For example here in Portland, Oregon, we have 144 parks on over 10,000 acres.)

So here's an idea: seek out a patch of park the next time your right brain is giving you hell.

It may just be the heaven the content writer in you is seeking.

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