“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day…
is the rest we take between two breaths.”  – Etty Hillesum

A Time to Re-Charge
So busy -- juggling, prioritizing, getting things done, responding to demands, requests and fulfilling and meeting expectations. Seems many of us are driven by our “to do” lists of tasks, obligations and assignments. Is something wrong with this picture, when we rarely even have time during the day to pause and take a moment of respite, let alone our lunch break?

Yet, research supports the idea that the most productive, creative people work fewer hours. For example, even though having among the shortest work weeks in the world, workers in the Netherlands are more productive than average workers around the globe who put in more hours. I suggest for our health, for the health of our companies, we reclaim the right to pause during the day, take some deep breaths, quiet the mind and recharge…even if just a moment.