As the world moves at warp speed and things change in mere seconds, how do you plan for success?

How do you really know if your organization will survive in the 21st century?

Are there clues?



Well as any enlightened leader or marketer will tell you, you start by going to the source. Meaning, of course, looking at your customers and prospects.

Because if you understand their values and motivation, you have your road map.

In our leadership and marketing workshops, clients hear our sermon about how things are clearly changing in the marketplace. Consumers want and expect more from organizations other than just an excellent product or service.

The good news is that many businesses not only have recognized this but have made critical decisions to keep their organizations alive and well for decades to come.

You see, they've become what is called a Benefit Company, a new and growing business structure allowed now in more than two-thirds of states. They focus their mission on what consumers are not only seeking but demanding to see in a business today.

It's called the "3 P's."

People: The First "P"

Companies with souls have always invested in their people, but today the faces within our workforce look very different and think and act differently. They no longer reflect the “traditional” American values of “mom, God and apple pie." These companies believe in a much more inclusive workplace, allowing for more freedom and choice and busting stereotypes. This is something to celebrate as it means we are developing a more creative society. Yet, this means investing in people with a whole new understanding, sensitivity and empathy --- different cultures, different generations, different lifestyles and abilities.

Planet: The Second "P"

Another way to measure a company's soul is its impact on the planet. Future generations depend on the ability of businesses to practice sustainability and put into place policies that save our natural resources. The planet must not be sacrificed solely for profit. Conscientious Organizations incorporate this philosophy into their mission, vision and operating principles. And then practice them diligently.

Profit: The Third "P"

Finally, profit is the last way to measure your organization's soul as we believe that if you follow the first two P’s, profit will be a natural result.

So does your company have a soul? If so, congratulations. If not, do not despair. Our new book coming out in the summer of 2017 goes deeper into the how's of making your company anything but endangered in the 21st century.

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