“It began in mystery and it will end in mystery but what a rare and

beautiful country lies in between.”   

- Diane Ackerman

Why, how, tell me. These are the words of a curious person and seem to be the path to understanding and knowledge. Learning is a lifelong journey about people, places and things. Curiosity puts the ego in check and challenges it to step aside and consider other facts, assumptions, opinions and attitudes. It means listening to people’s tales…what motivates and inspires them as we all bring unique perspectives and use a different lens to view the world. And curiosity keeps us fresh and alive as we understand others, from Millennials and our respected elders, to different cultures.  

Curiosity can also lead to amazement, even laughter, as we ponder the natural world. We ask why birds, animals, our pets act the way they do. And thanks to the Internet, we can fulfill our curiosity easily. 

Our commitment is to learn something new every day. It is indeed wonderment, and our brains like it!