"Save something wild, if only your imagination."
- Bonnie Gisel

Spice It Up…
Peace, quiet, tranquility. Something many of us yearn for, particularly in our frenetic personal and professional lives. This is all well and good, but in our search for simple contentment, let’s not forget the pure joy of the imagination…to dream, explore and go “where the wild things go,” to use Maurice Sendak’s memorable prose.

Spice it up and do something unpredictable. Surprise your staff with something out of the norm to make them laugh and have fun. Shake up your wardrobe, try new foods, reach out to someone very unlike yourself. Try a new exercise routine. Be creative and experiment with new ideas and directions.  Maybe even break of few of those stodgy rules you can’t remember why you follow.

Spring is about new beginnings, so why not take a walk on the wild side?