"When  you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you."

Forever on the Hunt...
We are  taught to believe and embrace process improvement. It makes sense, but sometimes the chase and the pursuit of something bigger and better, leaves one with no energy to honor, savor and appreciate what is working now.  We forget to experience and assimilate the good we face every day.  

This is not to discount goals, as these are important, but to wear a mantle of the incessant warrior always fighting, chasing, seeking greener pastures, can be discouraging to staff and lower morale. And we may miss an opportunity to connect, to learn something that is right in front of our nose. Although we should always look to improve, we also need to humbly accept “the gifts” from people and experiences we encounter every day without chasing constant butterflies “on the other side of the fence.”