"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous."
- Bill Moyers

Snatches of Daily Creativity
Some days just drag…and those are the days I feel more anxious, bored, and even depressed. But there is an antidote.  More research is coming out on the value of just small doses of daily creativity to help energize and generate a positive mood. It helps relieve stress which we know is good for our health. As writer Kirsten Nunez shared, “Creative activities are literally therapy for your mind…and  a creative outlet can really improve your mental clarity.” 

Well, we all can use a little of that during the day. And when we use our right brain to do something creative, we tap into different ways of thinking that help our problem-solving skills at work. So take a moment away from the screen, pull out some markers, pencils or camera and snatch some time to be creative. Doodle. Write a Haiku poem. Take an “artsy” photo. It’s good for you and those around you. 

Take a small break today and be creative!