The Sounds of Silence…

"Hello darkness, my old friend..."
 – Simon & Garfunkel

Connecting Emotionally
Released in 1966, during the intensity of the Vietnam War, the lyrics of poet /songwriters Simon and Garfunkel spoke to the inability of people to communicate with others, especially on an emotional level --- preferring silence and the comfort of darkness. The words may ring true today, as people confused and troubled by polarizing rhetoric often found on social media, find it easier to withdraw and retreat into silence. 

It’s so tempting to stick our heads in the sand in an attempt to avoid conflict and disagreement with friends and family. Yet, it seems regardless of political position, it is important to reach out and create opportunities for dialogue to better understand one another. It is a time of understanding and education…to learn from others by walking in their shoes. 

Silence can be beautiful, meditative, and peaceful.  But silence is not an excuse for saying nothing about injustice – or not listening to the voices of those unlike us, who are hurting for this is what surely creates darkness.  

Here is their poignant song for those of you who remember.