"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- Leonardo da Vinci

Let’s admit it. It’s hard to let go of stuff - ideas, processes, habits - that “we own.”  I suppose it’s human nature to take pride in what is ours, of what we contribute as we problem-solve. Yet if we begin to realize that everyone wants their input to be a part of the solution, things soon get pretty complicated and encumbered with everyone’s thoughts.  And with the push to reach consensus, which often means including “everything but the kitchen sink” to reach agreement, clarity is lost.

 I think it’s time to let go of our egos,and pick our battles, for the sake and beauty of simplicity.  It is the clean and simple solutions that may often work the best.  Solutions  we may pass over as we search for intricate and complex ways to address challenges which include “stuff” to keep everyone happy.