If you're like me, you have way too many superfluous thoughts crowding your head.

Sometimes we need to clean house and get rid of the cobwebs lingering in those deep recesses of our minds.

I was reminded of this on a recent walk in the woods near my house.  It’s been a rough and stormy winter in the Pacific Northwest.  Snow, ice, record rain and wind greets us daily, and the path we take through the trees gets frequently littered with small twigs and branches fallen from sturdy conifers overhead.  These majestic trees stand strong, straight, withstanding the winter weather.  Perhaps even cleaner with the sturdiest limbs reaching high, unencumbered with the loss of smaller weaker branches, blown down from storms.

They are ready for spring and new growth.

Perhaps we too need to freshenour focus and get rid of those pesky and unnecessary thoughts --  leaving room for the “spring” energy of new directions.  Consider letting go of those unproductive thoughts that serve as detours and keep us from being true to our path, passion, “cause.”

I’ve learned through the practice of mindfulness that old patterns of thinking like those cobwebs in the corners of my house, need to be acknowledged and then cleaned out or ignored (as I often do in my weekly cleaning!)  letting them fall away, like those small branches in the woods.

Too much garbage floats around in my head and it’s time for spring cleaning.

Here is what I am going to do to stay focused with productive and positive thoughts, and get rid of the cobwebs:

1.       Focus on the here and now, and be aware of the experience without engaging the mind

2.       Stop being a “worry wort,” overly thinking about the future and what can go wrong

3.       Remind myself of the best scenarios that can happen, not assume the worst scenarios

4.        Laugh more

5.       Stop focusing on ME

6.       Share kindness every day, and walk in others shoes

7.       Take a walk in Nature and observe, rather than think

Do you practice this "mind clearing" every so often? If so, what works best for you?

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