"Igniting your creativity and overcoming your obstacles happens when
you are 'in the flow.'" 

- Deepak Chopra

Call it “in the zone."  Call it “in sync."  We have all been there. Those times when time flies by, when the work seem effortless and all is in balance.  Psychologists tell us when we are in this space, there is clarity of purpose and the mind is not preoccupied and busy with a million other thoughts  that distract. The mind and body are focused.  And it often occurs when we are pursuing our passion…aligned with what we enjoy doing the most…be it practicing our trade, or actualizing “our gifts.”  There is a natural rhythm and time stops, and a sense of calm and fulfillment result.  And when I am in the  zone  I always feel energized.

Yet the reality of life keeps us in situations where “flow” isn’t always possible.  With full candor, it has taken me many years, many jobs to find my sweet spot of flow. So if there is anything I can share, it is to experiment, try different tasks, assignments, and uncover your “art” and your “cause.”  What you discover may surprise you. It’s not always just what you do well professionally. It is discovering  when you’re completely focused, engaged and enjoying what you’re doing

“The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well.” 
- Jack Welch

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