"Give yourself a daily gift of five minutes to give thanks in awe of everything and everyone you see around you - the many miracles."
 -  Wayne Dyer

We are approaching the season of giving, receiving and thanking. It is often a time of warmth among friends, family, and workplace colleagues. Yet, for many it can also be a time of sadness, loneliness and disappointment. It seems our culture makes a big deal about this particular time of year, which can set us up for unfilled expectations.

What if we consider every day the “holiday season” and reach out to others, showing our appreciation and thanks to our teammates, friends and family members? And what if every day, we showed the same warmth and appreciation to strangers, even those who don’t look like us?  It seems we all can look harder to and see the little things, the small gifts we receive every day and give thanks. And in turn it may be the little things we do for others, not just during this season, that will bring more wonder and kind-heartedness into the workplace, our homes and our communities.