“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”  - Omar Khayyam

Unleash Creativity and Productivity by Being Present
The Cambridge dictionary defines focus as “the main object or interest, or attention given to something.” That seems straightforward to me. Yet in our overly busy worlds of juggling and worrying about the past and present, I often find myself struggling with focus. Too often my attention and interest are scattered, “all over the map,” planning, plotting, fretting, trying to figure out the next action or conversation. In sum, I waste a lot of time.

Mindfulness teaches us to “to be here now,” in the moment.  This allows us to focus, and not worry about all those pesky thoughts and conversations in our head, and negative thoughts that distract us. Certainly, it’s easier to say than do. But I’m going to try to focus more on the beauty and creativity around me… people, relationships, nature in the moment. I like being more creative and productive.  Sounds like good medicine for the workplace as well as home!