“Life is a juggling act that sometimes requires you drop everything”
– Linda Poindexter

Less May Be More
Our lives are busy, sometimes frenetic and even chaotic. Often it feels like our major activity is juggling – activities, assignments, chores, relationships. We wake up, start our normal routine and then get bombarded -- with good and bad situations, events and circumstances. And our brain goes into "uber-drive" as we process, problem-solve and communicate, often way too fast.  An opportunity arises and we jump at it and take on even more --- tossing one more ball into the air to juggle. We end up overly stressed benefiting neither the body or the soul, and may even create angst among those closest to us.  

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We can learn to say no.  We can learn to delegate.  We can learn to reclaim our calm, by not falling into the trap of doing it all.  That is a fallacy often driven by our egos. In the bigger scheme of things, the cliché “Stop and Smell the Roses”, indeed speaks the truth.  Less may be more --- a calmer, more productive, focused and creative life, without juggling non-stop!