I always have an idea or two percolating around in my head.   Perhaps because I’m basically a curious person.  I wonder about things…probably too many things. The problem is that when I share them – many are actually pretty half baked.  And I have the annoying habit of speaking whatever I think…without my filter engaged.

My kids just roll their eyes, and mumble, “There goes Mom." 

But sometimes there is a gem amongst my meandering thoughts, and it merits some fine tuning and time spent with others flushing out the concept. 

This is when the passion comes in. 

People like to belong to something positive and exciting---the right idea creates engagement and exhilaration. In fact, people want to join in and become a part of it, be it as a funder, partner, or customer.

The key is generating the passion that captivates the imagination and connects with the listener. The most important thing to remember is to tell a story that creates emotion.

They say people “shop” based on data,  but “buy” – in this case an idea—based on emotion. It's a central premise of conscientious marketing.

Now this comes easier to passionate, high energy, animated people. (Italians like myself.)  Yet even quieter, calmer folks can invoke passion around an idea.  Here are a few practical tips strategic leaders know about generating such passion:

1.      MOST IMPORTANT:  You have to believe in the idea with your heart and soul.  No hesitancy or back pedaling. Bringing an idea to fruition is a journey and you have to trust in the long haul.

2.      Tell the story of the vision.  What is it that the world, the customer, the donor will be a part of.  Describe it using terms like, “A New Paradigm,” “Breaking the Rules,” “Creating a Movement."  These phrases get  people excited. And if they are scared of such powerful phrases you probably don’t want to talk to them anyway.

3.      Shift the inflection of your voice. If you are generally quiet, raise your voice slightly.  If you are loud, like me, slow down and lower your voice. It’s the contrast in your style that make people perk up with curiosity, wondering what is going on.

4.      Ask them for their input – tell your listener it is an evolving idea that is gaining traction and you want them to be a part of it.  And then listen.  Their ideas may make yours better!

5.      Open your eyes wide as you tell the story of your idea. This alone creates the feeling that this is important.

Bringing passion to your ideas not only generates supporters but may open doors you didn’t think were possible and propel your idea forward.   And it feels good to be passionate about something. Try it!

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