Dear Readers:

This was a tragic week… challenging us all to rethink who we are.  Forcing us to look inside and check our own biases and positions of privilege.  It was a week of sadness, anger and disbelief – a week that saw many of us outraged and speaking out, and yet too many not commenting at all – not engaging in the discussion – playing it safe and not getting involved. 

My children are Black, and yesterday my daughter called crying --  worried about her friends, her brother, her cousins, her future children, my grandchildren, and the world they will come in to.  This is a real fear that many Black families share today.    I felt her anguish and started to cry myself.

WE are all saddened and upset over the shootings of both the black men and the police officers .  The events have touched us all emotionally, even those who have no connection to the victims or the events.  It is a difficult time and we wanted to let you know of some resources that may be helpful to those who feel they could use some support.

National Alliance on Mental Health Institute

National Institute of Mental Health

PTSD Alliance

We all need to overcome injustice, hatred and oppression in our world. We believe that “Black Lives Matter”, and we believe that many members of our police are good citizens without prejudice or bigotry, who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe every day.

This has been a trying time.

Let's all heed what Nelson Mandela said above and work diligently so injustice and inequality become words that are no longer part of our vocabulary.

And especially now… be kind to one another and reach out in support.