One of my sons is steeped in the interview process for his second job out of college. He loves the industry he works in but feels his opportunity to learn and grow with his current employer plateaued.  

Earlier this week, he called to talk about his second interview and how it went with the recruiter.

"Killed it!" he said. The fumes of euphoria still coursed through his veins.

Needless to say, I was elated for him. After congratulating my son, I hung up and headed back to my keyboard.

Then, as a nice summer breeze pushed in through my office window, I got to thinking. Is there a lesson here that the father figure could offer his son?

About 60 minutes later, I sent him this email:

Great job on smokin' that interview...

Keep that feeling of how you did in that interview in your life memory bank...remember how impressed you left the recruiter, how your confidence flowed and how you really handled a high pressure situation...

Later on in your career (happens to everyone), you'll feel dejected and not worth a piece of's at that time where you go back into your memory bank and pull today's interview out to remind yourself that even in your worst moods and worst times, you know you're not only okay but you're damn talented!

Anyone who has spent time in the marketing communications world knows that feeling of sky-high enthusiasm and rock-bottom depression. It comes with the industry, not to mention the business world.  And like life, there will be good days, and there will be not-so-good days.

Many of you already have learned this lesson.

 But for those who haven't, I suggest you think about it the next time you write a highly engaging post, create an award-winning website or earn a coveted grant for your mission-driven organization.

Take that euphoric feeling. File it away in your memory bank. And break it open the next time you feel those dark clouds starting to gather.

The way I see it, banking the good times is not just an umbrella.

It's a confidence booster.

And who couldn't use a little bit more of that in their life?