It's been said that life really is simple. But it's we humans who make it complicated.

Think for a minute about that 2,500 year-old thought above from Confucius.

It's really the truth isn't it?

The human condition is such that we are always wanting more.

Something bigger. Faster. Shinier. Sexier. Newer.

And that's where the complicating begins. We are never content with what we have. And as a result, never grateful for what we have.

Simplicity is something I've come to admire. It is a touchstone in my life.

But I'll be the first to admit that it took some time to get there. I no longer crave the massive view home. Or the foreign luxury car. Or the material possessions.

My simple 2-bedroom apartment, 12-year-old Acura and good health work wonderfully well for me. 

It's the same idea for communication.

Strive for simplicity in your ideas.

In your content.

Find a subject.

Add a verb.

Resist all other embellishment.

For example:

Eat less. Move more. Buy less. Make more. Stress less. Laugh more. Feel blessed. Love more.

See the power in all that simplicity.

Now think about that the next time you need to create a compelling message.

Not to mention a compelling life.