A new research study from Abila, the nonprofit software provider, details the state of today's donor. You find might find it a bit unsettling particularly if you place a high priority on donations.

The common reasons donors do not send their monies to your organization can be summarized with 3 bullets:

·         35 percent find the content too vague

·         25 percent have no interest in the programming

·         24 percent say the messaging is dull and boring

But there is a silver lining in all this. What donors do like, according to the study, is short and sweet messaging:

·         75 percent prefer a short, self-contained email with no link

·         73 percent like a two to three paragraph letter or article

·         60 percent like a YouTube video less than two minutes

Short videos are identified in the report as the most likely medium to spur action, be easily understood and convey a powerful story.

In previous blog posts, we have touted the power of emotion in your messaging, clarity in your writing and the use of video to engage your constituents. And research (see above) bears out that is exactly what the 2016 donor wants in your conversations with them.

If you place a high value on donor engagement, we suggest you read the entire study's findings for more detailed insight including frequency of communication preferences by Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers.

We're betting you are anything but boring.

The same should be said of your messaging.