By the year 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to a study by Cisco. The plain and simple fact is that when it comes to major fundraising events, nothing evokes emotion and creates a desire to donate like a powerful video. Suddenly, your organization's story comes alive and the message of your mission becomes real, heartfelt and memorable.

Videos can be simple and still be effective. Or you can be dynamic by engaging all the senses through music and more sophisticated production techniques. A right video approach and tone exists for each organization. It all depends on your organization's budget and timeline to produce.

Using videos on your website is absolutely essential if your want your organization to thrive. We know it is challenging to get the attention of the viewer but data continues to support the idea that video messages get remembered longer and deliver increased engagement to your constituents.


The Peoples Lens, formerly known as Collective Eye, partners with HCollaborative and takes our scripts and creates videos at special prices for nonprofits and benefit companies. Here are a few samples of Collective Eye's work. Several have won national awards: