Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. A negative word you got from someone, a decision you made goes south,  a “no thank you” on a proposal you submitted– all can leave you feeling a little discouraged and less hopeful.  We have all been there, when you wonder if your efforts and hard work were worth it.

My personal antidote is to turn to Nature to bring me back into balance.  It is my way to put things into perspective and bring a smile back to my face.   It happens like this:

This morning, feeling a little overwhelmed and even negative, I took a walk in the woods nearby and it felt like overnight someone had turned the green hose on …  a Spring day when everything seemed alive, vibrant and healthy.  Plants seemed six inches taller, lush and poignantly brilliant. With a light breeze blowing, birds greeting the morning with song, dew on the leaves, and the early forest foliage beginning to flower, it felt totally “right”.  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and listened and smelled all that greenery.  At that moment everything was in balance and in harmony.  And I walked back, with this peak moment stored in my mind, and I no longer felt negative or stressed.

We all have our own strategies for rebalancing.  Mine happens to be Nature. 

Here are some other ideas to get you over the “hump” and back to a place of positive energy. But remember --- we are all unique and what works for one person may not for another.

1.       Start a “peak moments” list to keep at your desk, when all was “right” and balanced with the world.  Maybe a moment with a family member, a beautiful landscape, or a song that resonates with your inner core.  Find those images or moments that remind you to put things in perspective.  And when you are feeling less hopeful, review the list and recharge.

2.       Slow down your pace.  Often when we feel stressed and discouraged, we may unconsciously accelerate our walking, or talking, as if this extra forced energy will get us through it. Instead slow down and play the role of the observer.

3.       Smile at people around you. Remember it is your relationships, not all your activities or accomplishments that make a difference. 

4.        Laugh at something or yourself.  In the bigger scheme of things, it's often little things that bug us and bring us down.  Let stuff go.

5.       Finally, and VERY IMPORTANT, if after a period of time you just can’t shake off the “funk”, talk to a health professional.  You may actually be depressed and this is serious ad not something you want to ignore.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to take nature walks every day! What about you?