Do you ever find yourself thinking these things….

“I must be right because the facts and numbers show me the truth.”

“I know what to do because my research and analysis proved this is the best solution.”

Logic and analytics have become the go-to tools  to validate and back up our position and our esteem. But I am here to tell you that it is time to respect intuition.

There is growing evidence that intuition and even a sense of universal spirituality may provide a solid roadmap for making decisions.  At least it should be considered and thrown into the business mix!

Our revered Carl Sagen stated: “There needs to be a much stronger bridge between science and analytics with intuition and spirituality.”  I have to agree.   For too long, “creative, intuitive types” were considered a little too touchy-feely in the corporate world.  These employees were seen as sometimes  contemplative, sometimes emotional – and they just don’t fit the mold of linear thinkers who religiously embrace metrics and robust planning processes for  achieving goals.  

So what is wrong with this picture?  Well the reality is that this place we call work, is dynamic and grounded in relationships.  The expression, “Be here now," means honoring the moment.  Listen to the nuances in the workplace, be nimble and even spontaneous, follow the call from within and with others,  to temper the best plans with honest day-to-day interpretations of the moment.

I clearly understand this scenario after filling a position of VP of Strategic Planning for a major healthcare organization.  Yup, I created the flow charts, scenarios, contingency plans, and metrics up the kazoo, to guide the organization.  And guess what...although we followed them to some degree, there was no way we could guess at the changes that were coming.  So these beautiful documents become historical legacies of thinking at a certain point in time, but they did not necessarily reflect corporate success.

Let’s think about a different way of managing and planning in the world.   Let's consider the underlying human principles that drive everyone – be they in a family or at work situation--that are being proven by neuroscience, and will provide powerfule benefits in the corporate world.

·Realize the chemistry in the body rewards those who are altruistic and may be following their intuitive nature .  In other words, it feels good when we let go of our ego that demands being "right" because the data tells us so.  Here are some new ways of thinking about problem-solving:

·         Connect with others in a empathic way, not logical way, to not only learn... but feel better

·         Recognize that innovation often comes from creativity experienced through intuition

·         Understand that the universal mythology, revealed in stories from around the world, often tease out spiritual themes and provides consistent problem-solving approaches that stand the test of time.   (think parables) 

To experience these principles, one needs to pause, listen, share, and not be wed to what is currently celebrated in management journals and books as the superior mantra of analytics.  It’s time to be humble and practice a simpler way of engagement with our leaders, Board of Directors, employees, volunteers and funders.