Nonprofits… Make an emotional connection by keeping things simple

The small village of Cabo Pulmo captures the heart. It’s simplicity toward nature and sustainability makes me pause… and reminds me that keeping things clear and simple is an important lesson to remember.

We drove to this world renowned aquatic nature preserve for a few days of respite from the business of La Paz and its season of Carnivale, and to try some of the best snorkeling in Mexico.  It isn’t that easy to get to the village, along dirt roads that twist and turn. But patience is rewarded once we arrive in this sleepy town on the East Cape of Baja, on the Sea of Cortez.  

I expected beauty, but I hadn’t expected the calm and peace that prevailed—for things  are kept simple.  The little bungalow we rented was solar powered, and the manager explained that although the sun was bright and power was regenerated every day,  we still needed to be frugal.  That meant charging our phones and computers during the day, and unplugging all appliances when not in use.  Oh… and not to keep the refrigerator open as we perused the food inside.  Simple things that made a difference.

In a small village, cars weren’t necessary.  Walking to the beach, or to one of the few little bars for a cervesa overlooking the sea was easy. Trails up the mountain were plentiful.  And breakfast was just the basics:  Egg, avocado, tomato, served on a homemade corn tortilla.  Nothing else was needed.  

 I brought my electronics and music to keep us entertained, but I should have left them at home.  The roosters and birds in the morning, the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees, the nearby horses neighing was enough to create emotion and inspire me for the day. In in the evening the dark night with minimal light from the village, created a star show that was better than scanning TV for something to keep me occupied.

My Cabo Pulmo experience made me think of the nonprofits we help --- who burden their vision with unnecessary phrases, overbuild websites with too much content, and complicate their message.  It is easy to forget that emotion and connection is actually created through simplicity.  Less is better.  Getting down to the essence of an organization with sharp clarity is what brings a sense of connection. 

I felt connected to Cabo Pulmo through its simplicity of place.   For nonprofits I offer a gentle reminder to connect through less words, and offer to your friends, funders and partners more clarity and emotion.

If you need any assistance creating a clear story of who you are through your vision, tagline, website or any communication tool, give us a call.  Keeping things simple is what we do for nonprofits. or call Tom ( 503) 781-5989 or Mary Anne (503) 708-9239