"Our patience will achieve more than our force."  
- Edmund Burke

I’m not the most patient person. I have strong beliefs and I’m passionate about certain things. I want colleagues, friends, family members to understand my perspective quickly and just “get on the bus!" Sadly, I believe if I can just convince people, with more facts or use my best persuasion skills, they will acquiesce and see my point. (Hmmm, sounds like my ego talking.)  

What I forget is that moving people forward , even if it is the right path, sometimes takes many baby steps. And that requires patience…that means meeting people where they are and not where I want them to be. And it also means acknowledging progress and showing pride in what has been accomplished, even it isn’t the “homerun” or endpoint you were looking for.

During the holidays when families, friends, and colleagues get to together let's practice patience with all, giving people the benefit of the doubt and valuing them for where they are in this journey of life.