I’ve always been curious. Couple that trait with an active imagination, and I have a million ideas for new businesses.

Are these ideas all practical? 


Are they realistic?


Are they in the realm of possibility? 


Dreams are the natural output of creativity. And these ideas, these dreams, may hold within them a  kernel of hope and inspiration. When combined with the additional imagination and ideas of others, that dream may be actualized.  

What I have learned during my career is that moving forward on a “good” idea is best done in collaboration with others.  Certainly, we can all point to  individual geniuses, who alone in their lab or their office came up with a brilliant break-though, and through perseverance, successfully launched a new product or service without the input of others.

But I maintain, Conscientious Leaders understand the value of ‘brainstorming’, group buy-in and shared accountability.  Plus ideas when finessed, tweaked and evolved create a “better mouse trap’ and become much better versions of the original idea.

So, my plea to you is reach for the sky, keep those ideas coming, but ground them with  reality via others.  Let go of the belief that you own the idea.  You may have planted  the seed, but it needs to be nurtured, and fed and fertilized through others.

Maybe the sky is the limit…but for me I’ll do it with a partner or a team.  

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