Busy day, busy mind.   That pretty much sums up my daily experience.

I’m a doer, a list maker, a type A “go get em” gal, a baby boomer with a high work ethic.

I may get a lot done, and others might say I’ve had a successful career, but I also always feel a little on edge.  And I’m often stressed, worried that I may not be delivering, meeting my own expectations.  What's even worse, sometimes I sadly mirror and reflect my style and values onto others, and then they don’t meet my expectations either. 

This is not a good place to be. 

This is NOT conscientious Leadership!

So these days I’m learning to slow down, pause, share more, and to use an overused cliché, “Stop and Smell the Flowers”. And it’s amazing how it creates at work and home an environment of calm and joy, without all the stress.

So my new mantra is reflection about self, as I re-commit to being a conscientious leader.

I am going to catch myself when my mind gets into that dang loop of:

·         Problem solving incessantly, trying to fix things

·         Criticizing others, particularly their behaviors

·         Blaming circumstances and people when things don’t go as planned

·         Worrying and stressing about things out of my control

·         Believing I must prove myself

·         Comparing myself to others, the grand gurus or other perceived leaders

I’m going to create another video in my head… that will help me as a conscientious leader by:

1.       Choosing to let go… do my worries and concerns matter in the bigger scheme of things?

2.       Picking my battles.  I often am the one creating the urgency, not everything requires all of me

3.       Accepting what is out of my control

4.       Accepting people for who they are. (Heaven help us if they were all like me!)

5.       Letting go of being right all the time

6.       Enjoying the moment more

7.       Sharing the work… I don’t need to be the “hero boss”

8.       Laughing, playing, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow workers

We would probably all feel more energy and evenexperience CONTENTMENT, if we would reflect on our patterns of thinking, and check them when theygo down those negative loops. 

Let’s tweak them towards a more positive and conscientious direction.  I’m going totry to do so this week!

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