"Try seeing life through my eyes...try walking a mile in my shoes... Unless you’ve done that, you have NO idea." 
 - Anonymous

Listening to Others with Empathy
I often find myself, all wound up in my own thoughts – MY feelings,  MY opinions, MY beliefs.  Although I try to be giving, to share, to love others with respect, as a talker, I hear myself speaking loudly, trying to influence others, pushing my perspective.  And sometimes it works.  And I pat myself on the back. But the question is -  did I really connect?

I’m beginning to realize that it is through fewer words, listening with an open heart that we truly hear the other person and connect…on an emotional level.  This is where understanding can begin…as we feel and experience what it is like to walk in another’s shoes. This is where empathy begins.  Time to zip the lips and open our eyes and ears. 

"To see the world with new eyes - open eyes - loving eyes.
To choose compassion and understanding …
for our community, for the whole world."
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie