Give your fundraising a push. Perhaps you didn't reach your end of year fundraising goals. MailChimp is a good option. There are ways to reach your audiences this winter.   Learn how to time to reach out to donors with a heartfelt message.

 “Yes,” you may be thinking, "but my organization has already invested in a printed appeal package, and we just don't have the budget for anything more.”

 An E-blast is a fast, inexpensive way to reach donors who are on the fence about supporting your cause, or who simply get overwhelmed by the business of the new year.  

 “An E-blast seems pushy,” you might wonder, “and we wouldn’t want to offend our donor base.”

 A warmly written, concise reminder of how much their good gift can do for those in need can be a subtle, yet effective, way of reminding donors of their own good fortune as the year begins.  

 “We already said everything in our end of year appeal. Why repeat ourselves?”

 There is no need to. Restate your organization’s achievements over the past year, and remind people of what’s on the horizon. Emphasize  your  plans for the coming year. This makes justifying the “ask” easier.

 “What if recent or incoming donors receive the E-blast  appeal?" 

Make sure that your list of non-respondents is as current as possible. The E-blast will acknowledge everyone who has supported your cause over the past year — particularly the latest donors, whose contributions may not have been recorded before the E-blast went out. Some overlap is unavoidable, but people will understand.

How can we create an E-blast in the next few monts?”

 That’s easy, too. Harmer Collaborative is happy to help you write and design a memorable message. We can refresh your talking points — and maximize the impact of your fundraising dollars. This is a wonderful — and amazingly low-cost — way to reach out to your donors one last time in 2015.