Digital storytelling isn’t just for adults. Nonprofits are increasingly putting cameras and recorders in the hands of young people. From WNYC’s Radio Rookies to the Bay Area’s Youth Radio program, organizations around the country are proving that the young people they serve can be some of their communities’ strongest storytellers.

Introducing youth media to your nonprofit doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Try hosting a one-hour photography workshop or an on-stage storytelling competition.  Storytelling can manifest itself in a variety of platforms, so whether your budget allows for new cameras or you’d rather utilize an iPhone, there’s flexibility in cost and equipment. Not tech-saavy? Try partnering with a local newspaper or university to hold media workshops or utilize a variety of online teaching tools produced by programs like This American Life and Transom.

Youth media cultivates a new generation of diverse voices while simultaneously producing marketing material, so you don’t have to sacrifice the bottom line. It’s not for everyone, but don’t let cost or lack of expertise inhibit your organization from exploring the strategic possibilities of youth media.


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