How many companies do you know that are truly authentic?   The words often appear in mission and vision statements and CEOs talk about it frequently... but how often do companies actualize this principle?  Yet, research shows that Authenticity has a positive impact on the bottom line: 63% of global consumers would buy from a company they consider to be authentic, over and above competitors. 47% would be happy to work for them and 23% would invest in a brand they believe to display authentic qualities.   Here is what the research tells us: ( Source:

The top “anchor behaviors” that are important for companies to display to show authenticity and percentage that think it is important.  

1. Communicates honestly about its products and services                                                         91%

2. Communicates honestly about its environmental impact and sustainability resources      87%

3. Acts with integrity at all times                                                                                                     87%

4. Is clear about and is true to its beliefs                                                                                        83%

5. Is open and honest about the partners and suppliers                                                               82%

6. Stands for more than just making money                                                                                  74%

7. Has a relevant and engaging story                                                                                               43%


 Let's practice what we preach and learn to be truly authentic!